About Solicitor Digital

About Us

In the U.S. our company Juris Digital has helped hundreds of solicitors grow their law firms through effective and ethical search engine optimisation.

Solicitor Digital was formed in 2020 as a natural extension to our US based company Juris Digital. Casey Meraz is the founder of Juris Digital in the US, a digital marketing agency focused on helping attorneys and lawyers thrive with effective digital marketing in competitive markets. He is widely recognized author, legal marketing expert, and speaker.

In 2020 Casey started to bring his dream to Ireland to help local solicitors grow their law firms through effective search engine optimisation, website design, website development, and search marketing.

We opened our Kinsale Ireland office in 2020 and have been working to build back office operations since.

A computer sitting on a desk at Solicitor Digital
Casey Meraz smiling, a solicitor digital marketing expert

Casey Meraz

Co Founder

Casey has been helping solicitors get found online since 2008.

Brynna Meraz

Co Founder

Brynna is a Co. Cork native growing up in Black Rock.